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January 26, 2010

Tags: blogs, sprained ankle, Twitter, Marie Claire, Holly Cole, eating, Passing for Thin, publishing

The third flat-out, crawl-to-a-fence-to-hoist-myself-off-the-pavement fall occurred on January 16. This time I heard a snap. My left ankle immediately doubled in size. I could move my foot so I assumed I'd sprained it but by the time I got Daisy home I knew I was in trouble.

I have a World Class Sprain. It sounds so so-what but my podiatrist explained why a very bad sprain is worse than a fracture or some breaks: sprains involve ligaments, either tearing them or stretching them. Whereas bones have a great blood supply, ligaments do not. Therefore they are much slower to heal. I'll be in a cast for another three weeks but I get to take it off for therapeutic minutes and I can start to walk again.

I told my publicist that if Oprah calls, of course I can go. I just won't get to wear [both of] my beautiful new shoes.

Luckily, I've only had a couple of radio gigs in the last ten days. I did them in bed with my Frankenstein foot elevated. Unluckily, I've only had a couple of radio gigs.

I wasn't with it enough last week to do more than piddle around with Twitter. Today I read some blog posts that mention me and AFG, one based on the book, one on the Marie Claire abortion. I answered each, clarifying a little on the issues the writers were concerned with.

It's interesting to see what triggers people. One blogger ( wrote, "I would never follow a diet that cut out all of the foods that made me fat — the pizza, the jalapeno poppers, the french fries, the ice cream – because I know it would be destined to fail."

People are enormously afraid of what they might have to give up. This involves not only specific foods, but the fear of parties, holidays, rituals that revolve around food. But I speak mostly for myself or in the collective when I've made it clear that the collective is of a certain kind of make-up.

Merry Perennial ( writes that, "I fear the reason is something mentioned in Frances Kuffel's book: we eat because that is all we have."

I LOVE the Holly Cole song, "I Am the Onion Girl". We have layers and layers of family, friends, work, hobbies, interests, chores and occasions. But -- again, for some of us -- when all those layers come off because we find them flawed or unusable, the core can be eating.

When I published PASSING FOR THIN seven years ago, I wasn't sure what a blog was. It wasn't a book mention I depended on.

Publishing had changed. Every blog helps; every misreading or laud helps. But I have to be active about participating...which is, luckily, a hell of a lot easier than opening up the Word document for the essay I'm writing...


  1. January 29, 2010 8:13 AM EST
    I hope Oprah calls
    - Winkie Walker
  2. January 30, 2010 10:44 AM EST
    Hi Frances,
    First let me tell you I practically devoured your first book when it came out. You wrote my story (and that of every other food addict.)

    I, too, have the dubious blessing of having food sensitivities. And like you, coming to acceptance to the fact that I am a food addict and can never safely eat sugar, flour, or wheat, has been a journey and a half.

    I am fascinated by the anger to your food plan by other bloggers. Personally, I have had to learn that other people can have whatever kind of reaction they have to what I do (weigh and measure, no sugar/flour/ know the drill) and it has nothing to do with me. They do not live in my body, nor have the experience of what happens to me when I ingest sugar, etc. Every time I've relapsed (and there have been lots of those times), it has been because I've tried to fit into someone else's definition of who I am.

    Several years ago, I had the clarity of mind (probably because I wasn't eating addictively!) that the underlying emotional reason I turned to food was as a distraction to the real issues in my life - boredom, anger, loneliness. I had no idea how to deal with those things. But I was knew very well how to live with the guilt and shame that came after a pint of ice cream or an extra large pizza.

    I can not wait to read your new book. I'm sure I will find myself again in your words.

    All my best to you,
    - Sandi Deli
  3. January 31, 2010 5:45 PM EST
    Hi! Been following you since Thin... you helped inspire me to write with my sister Confessions of a Carb Queen...about her weight loss journey... she's still struggling ... but that's the story isn't it? Eager to read your new book. Good luck with all!! Co-author and sister, Caroline
    - Caroline Bock
  4. January 31, 2010 7:23 PM EST
    Frances, I'm sorry to hear you've hurt your foot! I hope you mend quickly. Try to enjoy the time you're forced to slow down! I read your frist book and by accident found out you'd writtn a 2nd book. I had no idea you'd gained some of the weight back. I wish I'd been in the group of women who helped with book 2. I ordered the book today from Amazon and can't wait to read it! I hope I find some answers in your new book as to why it's so hard to lose the weight, keep it off, and get back on the weightloss wagon after I've fallen off. I'll be 60 this year. I'm weary of losing and gaining . I've lost and gained weight so many times, I've lost count. Take good care!
    - Bonnie
  5. February 11, 2010 11:18 PM EST
    Dear Francie,
    I just called out "Marie Claire" in the rough draft of my WIP. May it see the light of day in print. I have yet to figure out how to say "Piss on 'The Biggest Loser"--working on that...
    - Blythe

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